The .red Monthly January 2019

5 Articles to Promote Thought, Encourage Reflection and Ignite Action

This edition of The .red Monthly focuses on some recent Podcasts I’ve consumed this month, which I hope will provide a spark for a productive and purposeful year ahead.

  1. Dr Jason Fox, the modern-day wizard of cleverness, has been experimenting with an annual ritual of choosing a (usually) single word theme for his years. In this episode, Jason describes the benefits of this ritual, how you can do it yourself, and how this can support meaningful progress in work and life.

  2. Michael Hyatt, author of Your Best Year Ever, hosts the Lead to Win podcast with his daughter and COO, Megan Hyatt Miller, and in this episode they speak to their annual review and preview process, which forms part of their Full Focus Planner methodology, introduce the After Action Review process, and their three-by-three strategy.

  3. Over January, Ali Hill of the Stand Out Life Podcast, re-released a number of 2018 interviews for the summer. One of these was with Kikki K’s Kristina Karlsson, who shares the power of dreaming, the challenge of navigating people who may not support your dream, and the grit that is required to do the work, even if obstacles come your way.

  4. My mate, Andrew Barrett, over at the Safety on Tap Podcasthared his year in review and word for 2019, and in it he encourages that we all practice some reflection as a structured approach to thinking about what has happened in the past, and what we can learn from it for the future.

  5. Inventium's Dr Amantha Imber hosts the How I Work Podcast - which explores the tactics used by leading innovators to get more out of their work day. In this an interview with Carolyn Creswell, founder of Carman’s Muesli, Carolyn shares her annual self-reflection ritual, as well as her favourite productivity hacks, and why she never eats lunch at her desk.

Bonus Episode:

I’ve also been listening to the Safety Third Podcast - hosted by a group of fun loving, outdoor, and creatively obsessed humans who take their listeners on a wild traverse of the ideas that define the outdoor community and the stories behind them.

In this episode with former Navy SEAL, Josh Jespersen, Josh generously and vulnerably shares how he’s overcome some significant life challenges and loss of loved ones. Hear how Josh has refocused is purpose for life to live for the lost.

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