The .red Monthly March 2019

5 Articles to Promote Thought, Encourage Reflection and Ignite Action

  1. There’s a growing swell of interest and discussion on Safety II, Safety Differently and Human and Organisational Performance. In this article from Andy White at Southpac International, it is emphasized that HOP is not a product or service, and summaries the shift in perspective that a HOP mindset can bring.

  2. High performing teams need psychological safety. Amy Edmondson has spoken about this in a 2014 TEDx talk. In this more recent article from HBR, we are given six steps to increase psychological safety in our own teams, which should result in higher levels of engagement, increased motivation to tackle difficult problems, more learning and development opportunities, and better performance.

  3. In this blog post at P1Six, Melissa Hills reflects on a podcast interview with author of Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, Greg McKeown. Melissa reminds us in this post that we only have 24 hours a day, and encourages us to have a hard look at how we use our time, and where our energy and attention is going. Where can you make an adjustment to do the more important things in life, and improve your own performance or outputs?

  4. Rosa Antonia Carillo, founder of Carrillo & Associates, is a thought leader in transformational leadership and team development. In this article, Rosa shares eight beliefs of relationship centered safety leadership as a basis for strong safety performance.

  5. On LinkedIn recently, I saw a video post of an LA Clippers and Dallas Mavericks basketball match where the coach of the LA Clippers, ‘Doc’ Rivers, calls a timeout 9 points up with 9.4 seconds on the clock. They’d won the match, but Coach Rivers had one special shout out he wanted to make a special announcement, taking the microphone to recognize the Mavericks’ Dirk Nowitzki’s last season of competition and provide an opportunity for the fans to have Nowitziki a one last standing ovation at Staples Center.

SIA National Health & Safety Conference 2019

I’m excited to be shortlisted to present the preliminary findings of my doctoral research project at the Safety Institute of Australia’s National Health & Safety Conference in Sydney on 22-23 May.

Find out more details and register to attend online. Let me know if you’ll be there as it’s always good to network discover what others are doing during these conferences.

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