The .red Monthly September 2018

5 Articles to Promote Thought, Encourage Reflection and Ignite Action

  1. Rohan Dredge, a ‘people architect’, presents leaders with an architecture of trust. Leaders must take charge in creating a trusting culture in their teams and workplaces. Herein lies a framework to embed trust with a a sense of purpose and intentionality.

  2. I am a big advocate for life-long learning, and a culture of learning can extend into the workplace. There’s no need to rely on formal learning and development programs within the organisation - leaders can promote curiosity and learning through reinforcement, constructive and critical feedback and modelling your own curiosity. 

  3. Ryan Hawk hosts the Learning Leader Podcast, and in this flipped episode, Hawk is interviewed by Charlie “The Spaniard” Brennaman (UFC Fighter) on Hawk’s Leadership Framework, which can be distilled down to learn, do, reflect, and teach - but check out the episode for it to be put more articulately.

  4. Can this military strategy support organisational improvement? After action reviews (AAR) are finding their way into the corporate battlefield as a tool to encourage vulnerability and whole-of-team discussion to understand what was supposed to happen (versus what actually happened), why things went well/poorly, and what will be done to improve.

  5. Finally this month, I stumbled upon the below video from Laing O’Rourke (circa 2013), and loved the delivery of this safety message. Too often, safety is pushed down to be the responsibility of the worker, and in this creative video, SID the stickman takes us on a journey clearly describing the importance for considering safety in design process to ‘engineer out’ hazards so they don’t become a risk to workers and the public.

Animated safety video for a construction company. Featuring SID the stickman ! Client: Laing O'Rourke Agency: Onion Creative Script: Onion Character Animation: David Smith Extra Compositing: John Grist


Health & Safety Professionals New Zealand Conference

I’m excited to be heading to Christchurch, NZ for the HSPNZ Conference on October 16.

Hosted by Matt Jones from Advanced Safety, I’m looking forward to sharing with other passionate safety leaders from Aotearoa, as well as hearing from the likes of Deanne Boules, Blake Pelling, Stef Cerpa, Melissa Dunstan, and Mark Kidd.

This is gearing up to be a great event. Well done Matt and your team for pulling this all together!

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