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Tim Allred

Tim lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife and three kids, and is always on the lookout for a good coffee. Tim enjoys doing karate with his eldest son, productivity tools, playing saxophone and learning.

As a kid, Tim lived in USA, Ecuador and New Zealand. Now living in Melbourne, Australia, Tim studied Applied Chemistry at RMIT University where he was introduced to the field of Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) by Leo Ruschena, Terry Elms and Dr Neale Jackson.

Following graduating from RMIT, Tim joined WSP Group as a consultant working with a range of clients and industries, before gaining internal advisory roles within St Vincent’s Hospital, Cadbury (Kraft Foods / Mondelez), RMIT University, Programmed Facility Management (PFM), and most recently the Infrastructure and Construction division of Spotless Group.

Throughout his career, Tim has continued to further his professional development graduating with a Masters of Occupational Health and Safety and Masters of Business from the University of Newcastle. Over the last few years, Tim has turned his focus on the importance of evidence-based decision making in the practice of WHS and business operations.

This led Tim to commence a Doctor of Professional Studies at the University of Southern Queensland, combined with a practice-based research project at PFM exploring Safety Leadership and its Impact on Performance, under the supervision of Dr Luke van der Laan and Dr Lee Fergusson.

A Certified Chartered OHS Professional, Tim is an active member of the Safety Institute of Australia (SIA) and co-founder of the SIA’s Young Safety Professionals Network, partnering with people like Andrew Barrett, Naomi Kemp, Celia Antonovsky and Wade Needham to expand the YSP Network across Australia, which had seen the connection of many young and early career safety professionals with their peers and provided opportunities for development, social learning and sharing a coffee.


At a glance:

  • Certified Chartered OHS Professional | Safety Institute of Australia

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Applied Chemistry) | RMIT | 2004-2006

  • Master of Occupational Health and Safety | Newcastle | 2009-2011

  • Master of Business | Newcastle | 2012-2014

  • Doctoral Candidate, Doctor of Professional Studies | USQ | 2016-2020 (in progress)