Exploring the intersects of leadership, culture and performance

Tim is an advisor, doctoral candidate and connector of people. In 2015 he founded the SIA’s Young Safety Professionals network, which has expanded to be a national network of young and emerging health and safety professionals across Australia.

Tim’s focus is on building people’s health and safety capabilities to help them do what they do best, and supporting operational excellence. He is currently completing a doctoral research project exploring safety leadership and its impact on organisational performance.

A ‘lifelong learner’, Tim draws from learnings and insights from various industries to incorporate into his own professional practice, leveraging the benefits of reflective practice.

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You can find a collection of articles and papers written (and co-written) by Tim throughout his studies. These have been provided to support the sharing of knowledge and encouraging more evidence-based practice.

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A selection of recent conference presentations and some of Tim’s recent speaking topics can be found here. These presentations have included academic, professional and digital formats.

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Tim aims to consume insights and learnings from various sources including academic journals, books, blogs, podcasts, and newsletters. Here you can find a monthly curation of some of what Tim' has been consuming.

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